The Lazy Geeks Podcast #50: One Year Later


This week is a special celebratory podcast to commemorate The Lazy Geeks one-year anniversary of their podcast and website. This week they are given some special comments from a couple of their contributors and friends and a special tidbit from their very first podcast. After that it is business as usual for the guys.

Nomad discusses some questions from Back to the Future, Part Two and Sapien rants about his hatred against Twilight. Nomad talks about Redbox’s 20 cent price hike and the Walking Dead get to live for another year. Sapien dishes about Batman: Arkham City’s first week in sales and is excited about the free-to-play DC Universe coming November 1st.

Nomad tries to make sense as to why Warner Bros is pulling all their Harry Potter movies out of stores, while Sapien is surprised by Sony’s latest PSP bundle. Nomad discusses whether or not digital comics will become the way of the future and Sapien is trying to figure out why EA has been dropping the ball with its release of Battlefield 3.

Another week of new releases in comics, games and DVDs this week. They, also, have what’s new on Netflix and in theaters. Of course, they didn’t forget their douchebags, epic people and recommendations.

Douchebag Flashback: Blow-Torch Meth Head (Originally Recorded on 10/11/2010)

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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