The Lazy Geeks Podcast #51: Friendly Fire Will Not Be Tolerated


Sapien talks about the “Greatest Man In The World” he spoke with at the bus stop and Nomad isn’t sure if shooting fellow terrorist should be considered friendly fire in Battlefield 3. Sapien discusses why Sony’s biometric controller is a good thing and how the Nintendo Wii isn’t a console for the casual gamer. Nomad doesn’t like the reduction of devices to a single active PSN account and how much is an advanced copy of Modern Warfare 3 worth.

Apple finally addresses their battery issue and GameStop is going to sell branded tablets. Nomad wonders how much privacy do we have in a social media world and why Sapien thinks Anonymous taking on a drug cartel is ill-advised. They have their new releases for DVD, Theaters, Games, Netflix and Comics. They didn’t forget their douchbags, epic people and recommendations for the week.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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