The Lazy Geeks Podcast #53: This One Time In Skyrim


In an overly packed podcast, Nomad talks about his issues that he came across when updating his phone with the new Gingerbread update and Sapien makes his way back to using Windows. Skyrim has big sales. Kindle Fire is having some connectivity issues. Marvel cancels some more comics. No UNITY for Windows Mobile 7. New Harry Potter bundle for the PS3 and Star Trek 2 has a production date.

Nomad wonders if companies are rushing to put out product with glitches to make sales numbers, while Sapien can’t talk enough about Skyrim. They have their new releases for DVD, Theaters, Games, Netflix and Comics. They didn’t forget their douchebags, epic people and recommendations for the week.

Skyrim Epic Rap: Dan Bull

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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