The Lazy Geeks Podcast #54: Hashtag America

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We are back! Yes, we have a pretty packed show for you guys this week. Nomad discusses Microsoft’s decision to bring Office apps to the iPad. He gets a bit excited about the new Droid 4G LTE tablets coming out from Verizon this month, while Sapien gushes about the new PS3 update for Vita Support. Nomad confirms Warner Bros’ decision to release The Dark Knight Rises prologue to “real” IMAX theaters.

Sapien mourns the demise of GamePro while Nomad is wondering about all the missteps that Microsoft has been making this week. Not to mention they discuss the reason our “Black Friday” is a reason everyone in the world hates us for. Also, new releases for Netflix, theaters, comics, games and DVDs. Of course they didn’t forget their douchebags and epic people.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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