The Lazy Geeks Podcast #61: Some Offense

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The guys are back this week with a jam-packed podcast. They talk about the conclusion to the DirecTV and Sunbeam dispute, Timeline becoming mandatory on Facebook, and Netflix bailing on renting games. Steve discusses FileSonic suspending their file sharing feature and Generation One Transformer comic picking up from their last Marvel published issue from 1991. Adam confirmed that Nintendo’s Wii U will be out this holiday season, Steam’s new app and is indifferent about no BlizzCon this year.

This week the guys take issue with Australia’s anti-mature rating game system and the proposed bill that will allow those games to be sold. They discuss the antiquated rating system and mentality of their gaming ratings and the United States’ MPAA movie rating system. Of course, they brought the lists of new releases for Netflix, movies, DVD and comics. They have a new batch of douchebags and epic people.

Intro: Archer

Lazy Geeks Theme: Kevin MacLeod

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