The Lazy Geeks Podcast #66: The Leap Home

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Hey everyone! We have a jam-packed show for you this week. First off, we have Steve talking about playing the demos for SSX and Mass Effect 3 on the PS3, Comic Con tickets going on sale, AMC’s spoiler alert of Walking Dead Boxset. Adam isn’t surprised about the layoffs of 600 Blizzard employees and the fail that is the new Windows 8 OS.

Notch drops $3 million on Majang, Jonathan Hickman leaving Fantastic Four, Sony Online Entertainment drops four games, AT&T lays out throttling plan, Kinect-Enabled shopping cart, and Leonard Nimoy coming to the Big Bang Theory.  Plus, the guys discuss while the new Google privacy policy is and isn’t a big deal.  Of course, they brought their new lists of new releases for games, comics, and movies. Not to mention their new list of douchebags and epic people.

Opening: Quantum Leap

Music: Kevin MacLeod

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