The Lazy Geeks Podcast #67: Phrasing

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Welcome to another week and start it off right with another jam-packed podcast from The Lazy Geeks. This week, Steve and Adam discuss all the demos they have been playing, Steve’s experience playing the PlayStation Vita, and the lame rebranded Android Market, which is now Google Play.

Adam explains why Mass Effect 3 doesn’t like the Cloud, Valve continues to win awards for Portal 2, and thankfully Sega says no more games for Marvel.  Steve reveals which Verizon phones will get the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS, Hotfile is the latest target by Hollywood and that Sony covered up another hack during the PSN outage last year.

The guys talk about all the stuff revealed at Apple’s latest press event, which includes talking about the new iPad, Apple going HD, Netflix registration simplified for iTunes and what’s in their iOS 5.1 update. Not to mention, they have a fresh bag of new releases for movies, games, and comics with a sprinkle of new douchebags and epic people.

Opening: Archer

Lazy Geeks Theme: Kevin MacLeod

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