The Lazy Geeks Podcast #68: It’s Not All About Size

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The guys have a shorter podcast this week, but they managed to pack some stuff for your listening pleasure. Adam discusses the end to the Mojang-Bethesda feud, while Steve announced that Instagram is coming to the Android Market very soon.

Guys talk about saying goodbye to AIM, Walmart wants you to pay for the movies you own on their Cloud service, no Sherlock until 2013, Mari0 malware issues, XBL has issues with disappearing Gamerscores, the onetime Star Wars: The Old Republic goes free-to-play, and we won’t be around to play it.

Of course, the guys have their new releases for movies, games and comics. They explain why Yahoo is their epic douchebag of the week and when can’t strip clubs do nice things for the community.

Opening:Voltron – Defender of the Universe

Lazy Geeks Theme: Kevin MacLeod

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