The Lazy Geeks Podcast #70: Stay Classy, Internet


The guys have an oversized show for you this week. This week, Steve and Adam talk about the kind of companies they would draw if they had sponsors, the Google+ page shortcomings, their first impressions from Star Wars: The Old Republic and their search for a new contributor. Adam gives his judgment on The Hunger Games and their love for Google’s 8-Bit Google Maps.

The guys discuss whether Apple should get a pass for their working conditions because their a “little better” than other in China, SimCity requires constant internet-connection, Sega Layoffs, Journey’s selling record, Anchorman sequel, Warner Bros fights for Superman copyright, companies going to the cloud, Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 already on Ebay and so much more.

They, also, brought a new batch of douchebags and an epic person for the week. A complete list of new releases for Netflix, DVDs, video games, theaters and comics and why old people should never be interested in Apple stores much less their products.

Opening: Anchorman

Lazy Geeks Theme: Kevin MacLeod

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