The Lazy Geeks Podcast #78: The Lost Podcast

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Adam and Steve are back in force with a more streamlined podcast with more of the stuff you want to know. Steve discusses why the new gay Green Lantern is ho-hum, confirming no pre-registration for Comic Con 2013 and the real reason for GI Joe 2’s release delay. Adam talks about Sony’s idea to make a PS4 download only, Elder Scrolls Online and their public dungeons and the lack of split-screen in Future Solider Co-Op.

They want to let you guys know some of the updates they are doing with the site and the podcast, including their newest contributor as well at the new epic 10-Disc Avengers box set. The have some new releases of worth as well as epic people and some douchebags.



Lazy Geeks Theme: Kevin MacLeod

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  1. It’s pretty much common knowledge that all the three gaming giants (PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii) are looking forward to launching their respective next generation gaming consoles. But I am most excited about the ps4

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