The Lazy Geeks Podcast #81: The More You Know

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The guys have another jam-packed show for your listening pleasure. Steve reveals why SwiftKey is a virtual keyboard worth spending $3 on and Adam likes a new “thing” that IGN is doing. They discuss a bit about the new Marvel crossover Spider-Men, which seems to be getting a slight thumbs up. Both share their views on Microsoft’s new tablet, The Surface.

Steve talks about Transformers 4, Google is going after sites that convert YouTube videos into MP3s and Paramount’s delay of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Adam agrees that Sony should’ve spent more time on the Vita at E3, Dust 514 is offering one major scam and Australia gets a R18+ rating. Of course, they have their highlights in new releases for movies, comics, games and more, plus their douchebags and epic person this week.



Lazy Geeks Theme: Kevin MacLeod

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