The Lazy Geeks Podcast #83: Gotta Live The Dream

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Welcome back, everyone! We hope you had an amazing 4th of July holiday or vacation however you swung it. This week, we are packed with so much news; we kind of based our whole podcast around all sorts of news. It was kind of liberating.

Steve goes into how Marvel NOW is different from the DC reboot, EU rejecting their version of SOPA and Dish goes dark on AMC. Adam confirms his suspicion about the Wii U is like the Xbox 360 via Microsoft, OnLive not coming to Sony and Halo 4 requires a hard drive.

This week, instead of having one main topic, they decide to give a random roundtable in the news that involves Disney working on internet safety campaign, Xbox Live went down and the world survived, FCC filing for new PS3, cheap Windows 8 upgrade, Final Fantasy 7 re-release for the PC and so much more. Of course we have some new releases and we brought along our douchebags and epic of the week.



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