The Lazy Geeks Podcast: The Best Of…

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The guys have decided to take a week off but in place of their normal podcast, Steve gives you guys some of the latest releases coming out this week in DVD, Theaters, Games, Comics, and Netflix Streaming. After that, they bring you guys some of their “best of” that spans the previous 86 podcasts that they have done in the nearly two years.

You will hear some of the stuff they talk about before the podcast, that generally never makes it to air. You will some excerpts from the previous 35 podcasts that are kind of considered lost, as well as some of their more current topics. Of course, they bring you the douchebag list from their very first podcast.

If you guys have joined them recently, you most likely will not have heard many (if any) of the conversations on this podcast. So sit back and enjoy the ride down memory lane, but be sure to check back in next week for a brand new show.



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