The Lazy Ring of Death Podcast #25: We’re Stressed

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The guys are back with their monthly podcast about the latest news in technology and gaming. The guys talk about the new Xbox One console as well as some of the most common questions you get asked when you mention doing a podcast. Many of them are annoying.

Some of the topics of discussion: Black Ops 3 coming to PS3 and Xbox 360, MGL coming, YouTube announces competition for Twitch, Confirmed games for E3, new and upcoming releases, Microsoft drops Metro Skype, a Razer mousepad, Facebook changes it up again and Google Map does some real-time stuff.

By the way, be sure to tune in Monday for our complete E3 wrap-up show.


Roundtable Topics

New TB Xbox One

Next Monday All E3



Video Game News

Steven: Black Ops 3 Coming To PS3 & Xbox 360

Adam: MLG Finals 2015

Steven: YouTube Launching Competition For Twitch

Adam: Confirmed E3 2015 Games


New Release Highlights:


This Week:


June 14 – Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess (Vita, PS3, PS4)

June 16 – PayDay 2: Crimewave Edition (PS4, Xone)


Next Week:

June 23 – PlanetSide 2 (PS4), Batman: Arkham Knight (Xone, PS4, PC) DmC: Definitive Edition (PS4, Xone), Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward (PC, PS4), Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition (PS4)

June 25 – Art Academy: Home Studio (WiiU), Astebreed (PS4), Metal Slug (PC)


Future Releases:


Fallout 4 ???

Technology News:

Steven: Microsoft Dropping Skype Metro

Adam: Razer Light Up Mousepad

Steven: Facebook Changing News Feed Again

Adam: Google Maps to Offer Real-Time Transit Schedules



Other info:

Facebook, Google+, Twitter


One comment
  1. Star Wars Battlefront:

    I loved 1&2. I loved the Single Player and i prefer to beat a game in SP before I go into MP.
    This new game has now SP campaign? Really?

    And lettuce talk about how there are no space battles. Really?
    Space battles were done very well in SWBF 2 and I think it’s a travesty that it is not available in the new game.

    Lettuce also discuss Jedi Academy. This is without a doubt the best Star Wars game ever made…look at some vids.

    Jedi Academy is the last in a series of games that should never have died.
    I feel very strongly about this…hold up…gotta clinch my anus real quick.


    I’d also like to hear what you gotta say about the multiple versions of VR that are promising us the world.

    Thanks for entertaining me with your shows.

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