The Lazy Ring of Death Podcast #26: Garbage Can Internet

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The guys are back with their technology and gaming podcast. They talk about some of the biggest tech/gaming stories of the past month. They will not cover the Ashley Madison issue, since it occurred after recording of the podcast. Steven talks about cancelling GameFly again but for a good reason and Adam is getting into his own Hunger Games.

Topics: Commodore returning, Fallout 4, no regrets over Aliens: Colonial Marines, physical Halo 5 discs, Hulu considering ad-free, Google cars, Comcast fails again at streaming service and smart trash cans.


Video Game News

Steven: Commodore Gaming Returns

Adam: Fallout 4 Actors Recorded 13,000 Lines of Dialogue

Steven: No Regret About Aliens: Colonial Marines

Adam: Halo 5: Guardians Collector’s Edition Codes can be traded for Discs


Technology News:

Steven: Hulu to offer Ad-Free Service

Adam: Google Driverless Cars Keep Getting Rear Ended

Steven: Comcast Offering IP-Based Service

Adam: Smart Trash Cans



Other info:

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