Torchwood: Station Zero TPB Preview

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John Barrowman​,​ Carole Barrowman


Neil Edwards

​Publisher: Titan Comics

ISBN:  9781785856815

FC – 104pp – $​16.99 – On sale in comic stores: Aug 2, 2017

On sale in book stores: September 5, 2017

Torchwood. Earth’s last line of defense against the extraterrestrial and temporal threats that it faces, and led by the immortal former Time Agent and all-round charmer, Captain Jack Harkness. The alien Navigators have begun their plan to harvest the Earth, aided by the duplicitous Lady Karina and the roguish Captain John Hart. Jack and his team must find a way to stop them, and the answer may lie in Captain Jack’s past as a Time Agent and some former enemies of a certain Time Lord…

Includes an exclusive Foreword by writers John and Carole Barrowman!

Collects Torchwood: Station Zero issues #1 to #4.


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