Trailer: Blade Runner 2049

Once we found out that Ridley Scott was going to produce a sequel to the cult classic Blade Runner, many people began wondering would they be able to get back Harrison Ford or if it would be a straight reboot. When the rights were purchased, it was all but confirmed that this would be a sequel to the classic film. Since then we have Ryan Gosling, from the looks of it, starring in the film, with Harrison Ford being the focus of the hunt.

The trailer, of course, doesn’t offer us a whole lot in story but it does offer us an incredible visual medium. Keep in mind, if that doesn’t appeal to you, then you need to watch the original film and find out why it should. Style and substance worked in the original film, so it will be curious to see if it holds up these thirty-some-odd years later. Jared Leto seems to be handling the replicants and it focuses on another replicant. I guess we will may get our answer as to whether Dekker was a replicant all along.

The film opens October 6, 2017.

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