Twilight Zone Reboot Heading to CBS All Access

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CBS has seen the light. After the success of their direct to streaming run of Star Trek: Discovery, Les Moonves is giving The Twilight Zone a reboot. During an earnings call on Thursday, Moonves announced that Jordan Peele and Marco Ramirez will be developing a new take on the sci-fi anthology series that originally ran from 1959-1964.

CBS Television Studios had retained the right to the cult classic, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and will executive produce the new take. Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw banner, with Marco Ramirez (Netflix Marvel dramas The Defenders and Daredevil, Sons of Anarchy) is set to pen the script and serve as showrunner.

The revival of this series was inevitable, with the popularity of shows like Netflix’s Black Mirror, HBO’s Room 104 and TBS’ The Guest Book.  However, will there be enough demand to make this series as huge of a success as Star Trek was for the streaming service? With the long gap between seasons for Discovery, will it be enough to retain those subscribers that will drop the service until season two arrives?

It is widely known that many Trek fans will drop the service until season two returns. CBS All Access needs to work on original content to retain those viewers. Unfortunately, they are behind the eight ball while services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are miles ahead of them. Their hope is those old revivals will bring audiences to their service but is there enough content to retain?

The market is being flooded with streaming-only content. However, for many creatives, this allows them to try new ideas and not suffer under the traditional network model. Many of which pulls you off the air in less than six episodes or canceled after a single airing. While there are positives for streaming content, reboots of old shows are not what the market needs.