Verizon Begins Rolling Out Oreo To Google Pixel Devices

In an unusual turn of events, it would seem that consumers that purchased a Google Pixel through Verizon will not have to wait a ridiculous amount of time to get the new Android Oreo update. Verizon has begun rolling out the update only days after Google released it to unlocked devices.

This is surprising since carriers usually take a long time before they would release Google updates. Usually it is due to the fact that carriers would need to certify the software updates for the devices they sell. Even if the manufacturer was the creator of the update. It was a lengthy process.

Google states that they would be handling the updates last year, but that was never a guarantee that Verizon customers would receive the updates almost as quickly as unlocked consumers. However, Verizon did promise that they would ensure the updates would be received at the same time as consumers that purchased the device through Google.

This is a major move and benefit for consumers. With the delay, many updates take to get are potentially dangerous for consumers as they are open to malicious threats that updates could block. Many times, carriers add their small updates to the manufacturers updates, which is a reason for the delay. Carriers should just update our devices as often as apps do.



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