Verizon Quietly Discontinued Android Wear 2.0

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Verizon was attempting to break into the wearables market earlier this year. In mid-May of this year, Verizon released their Verizon’s Wear24 smartwatch. If you didn’t know about the wearable, then you were not alone. It seems no one did, as Verizon quietly discontinued Android Wear 2.0 after four months.

We normally do not like to deal with speculation on this site, but it was most likely a disaster. No manufacturer drops a device after four months if it is doing okay. However, Verizon is not the only company to fail at smartwatches. Many companies have tried to break into the market but many have failed.

Apple seems to be the only company that has done well with it. Nevertheless, marketing has always been good on Apple’s part, but their sales are not stellar either. Keep in mind, if Apple is doing okay with them, then what shot does anyone else have?

The device itself cost $350. That is the same price, maybe a dollar more than Apple’s version. As one can see by the picture, it does not have a sleek design for that price. Engadget is reporting that with lack of mobile payments like LG Watch Sport (which Verizon dropped) or Samsung Gear S3 contributed to the failure. Other lack of features included a weak speaker, uninspired design and ambition to control sales.

Verizon seemed to be trying to create a in-store ecosystem without any of the bells and whistles that other brands developed. Verizon developed a high-end device that was not designed to keep pace with manufactures like Apple or Samsung. However, smartwatches are not a desirable field to create. The market has ruled on it and trying to revive it was not a smart idea.