Verizon and T-Mobile Competing for Your Unlimited Data

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Who said that competition has a negative impact on their customers? This past weekend, it seems that Verizon and T-Mobile are trying to out-do one another. You may remember that late last summer T-Mobile dropped their One plan that gave unlimited data and 480p video or 2G hotspot tethering. Well, it seems that Verizon decided to drop one of their own – bringing back unlimited.

Starting yesterday, Verizon will be offering unlimited data, calls and texting for $80 per month. As well as HD video streaming and hotspot support which is up to 10GB at LTE speeds. Also, if you travel to Canada or Mexico, you can call and text to those countries and get 500MB per day at full-speed date. The only downside is that after 22GB used you may be throttled.

After hearing that news, T-Mobile decided that they needed to upgrade their One plan. They did away with the 480p video and 2G tethering, which was really hampering the excitement of that plan. Now it is HD video streaming (still not sure if its 720 or 1080p) and 10GB of LTE. They, also, did away with their pricey HD pass – which allowed you to watch video in HD for an extra $25 per line.

Verizon has always been the last hold out for bringing back their unlimited plan. Verizon has seen some drop in customer growth with other providers offering better deals and unlimited data. It is a smart move because the biggest complaint heard among their current and former customers is that they love the service but it’s too expensive. This could entice people to come back or stay with that option.

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