Victor Garber Leaving DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

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One of the reasons that I began watching DC’s Legends of Tomorrow was due to Victor Garber. After we was announced as being cast for a recurring role in The Flash as Professor Martin Stein, I knew I had to watch. Victor Garber is a favorite actor of mine and to see him on a weekly comic series was a treat. Like all good things, they must come to an end. It was announced on Wednesday that Victor Garber will be leaving the show during its third season.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Garber’s exit will happen fairly early on in its third season. The CW and producers Warner Bros. Television did no comment on the news. As for the reason, the actor is returning to Broadway to continue the revival of Hello, Dolly. He is taking over for David Hyde Pierce. His first show will be on January 20th.

Obviously, filming the series five days a week in Vancouver and doing the show in New York would be impossible. However, given that other actors have come and gone during its three season tenure, it is possible that Garber could return at some point. It is not known whether Stein would meet a dismal end, but since they do deal in time travel – anything is possible.