Warner Bros. Announces Current DC Films Slate

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As some of you may know there is a Comic Con Experience that is going on in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Given there is no convention in the states until Wondercon in March, Warner Bros. officially announced their upcoming slate of DC Films. Many of the movies announced were in production before the shake-up that is slated for January, that may only affect the new films going forward.

A title card for Wonder Woman II was shown, however, judging by the source post they don’t know what roman numerals are. Obviously, Aquaman was shown since it is coming out next year. Flashpoint was shown. Surprisingly, so was Justice League Dark. I assume this means that the long-developing movie is actually going forward.

Other movies teased were Suicide Squad 2, Batgirl, Shazam, Green Lantern Corps and The Batman. Many of these title cards shown were teased in the recent weeks. However, Green Lantern Corps and Justice League Dark are surprised that they are moving forward. Especially since we have not heard a single word since they were announced.

Obviously missing from the slates, Cyborg, Gotham City Sirens, Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn and the Joker, and Deadshot.

It is pretty obvious that many of the movie that were missing were recently announced or rumored. Keep in mind that is a very hard distinction this day in age. The bigger surprise is the Cyborg movie. It was announced when the entire Justice League film and solo films were announced a couple of years ago.

Prospects have changed at Warner Bros. since their recent films have not been blowing up the box office. Critical lambasting has given the films a more negative impact than they deserve. I would not be surprised it Cyborg is left off completely. The long-gestating Black Adam movie has not seen a move since Dwayne Johnson was announced to star. I imagine we will see more news after the new year.