Warner Bros. Developing Joker Origin Movie

It would seem that Warner Bros. cannot do anything in their DC Universe without it involving Batman at some point. Under a unnamed banner, WB is looking to do a new movie focusing on the origin of The Joker.  The banner that was mentioned comes from Deadline that states that the film will be out of continuity of the current slate of DC properties.

The other reason that this is receiving some press is based on the fact that The Hangover‘s Todd Phillips to co-write a script with 8 Mile scribe Scott Silver. Phillips will direct the movie, and Martin Scorsese will produce it with Phillips.

You may remember that back in June, rumors were swirling about being a Red Son movie possibly being in development. These types of movies would be interesting and great to tell, but there tends to be a problem with these movies. While people in the comic book world would get it, there are many in the movie going public that simply wouldn’t understand how this works.

Fox did this with Logan, which everyone understood served as Hugh Jackman’s final run in the role. The character could come back but will feature a new actor in the role. With Jared Leto coming back in two more movies, it would seem that it could confuse an audience member. Wondering just when it takes place and how it fits in.

Marvel has made sure they do not run into this problem, in as much, as many of their stories exist within the same universe, and if they choose to be outside the sphere of influence then you would have movies like Guardians of the Galaxy. Let us keep in mind that WB hasn’t really developed their main cinematic universe and to think of “one-shot” versions of movie seems a bit premature.

On the flip-side, what origin would they use of the Joker anyway? While many writers have tried to make the origin of the Joker, the best part of this origin is that he doesn’t really have one. Too many times studios think that we need an origin story of all the characters but the sad fact is that not everyone has one. Given how the Joker was treated in Suicide Squad, faith in their development is weak. On a personal level, it needs to be The Killing Joke or nothing at all.

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