We Want Your Questions, Thoughts, or Feedback

We are halfway through October. I am sure many of you will be surprised by that statement, but it is true. The Lazy Geeks have been trying to increase our interaction between us and you. Obviously, we don’t have thousands, if not, millions of listeners to our podcast and even less make it to the website. However, with the people that do listen to our shows, we are talking to you. We want to talk with you guys.

We have eyes on expanding this show beyond the boundaries that are set. They have been set for the last seven years, but we are definitely trying to make a push. We want this show to either go big or go home. We have spent more time on improving our content, our quality and providing more content. Due to some of those efforts, we have noticed that more people are noticing our work. No, we never expected to be doing this seven years later and it’s time to do something with it.

The original Lazy Geeks Podcast had started out as a hobby. A thing for two unemployed guys to do to fill the time of not working. However, after we got back to work, moved and moved forward with our lives – this show remained a major part of our lives. Yes, some of the people that download our shows know us but we don’t know that many people that would necessitate us doing this week after week. Now, we want to bring you guys into it.

We want feedback, questions, thoughts or just want to say hi! Due to the high cost of some of the things we have used in the past, we have decided to streamline much of the side stuff and focus on the material. So, gone are the professional email addresses that we had. We have gone to a free Gmail master account for everyone. However, we do offer more ways to get to us: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. So there is truly no reason you can’t reach out to us.

As we have said on our minisodes, we are thinking of crossing into Patreon and YouTube. But that will be its own blog post in the next couple of days. As of right now, we have many shows that we offer for free and that content won’t change. If anything, we will be adding content (new) to Patreon so you would not feel cheated by taking a show and move it behind a paywall. Anyways, let’s get back to the open dialogue between you and us.

We are looking to venture into YouTube with original content and show stuff. Adam and I have begun talking about it. However, it happening by the end of the year is slim but you never know. As far as discussions, we have four different shows a month that bring specific content. There has to be something you can comment on. We would love to get feedback from you! We are still interested in getting feedback for our Just Another Podcast series, or maybe we can do a minisode for feedback. That will depend on you.

How Can You Help?

We record our new Just Another Podcast usually on the last Sunday of the month for the first Friday of the month. For instance, November 3rd’s episode will be recorded on Sunday, October 29th. So send us stuff to talk about. Again, send us your questions, comments, thought, stories (any subject) or just want to say ‘we suck’. Send it to our mailbag at thelazygeeksnetwork@gmail.com.

You can even reach out to us on Facebook (on our fan page) under thelazygeeks. We, also, use that handle for Instagram and Twitter and don’t forget our Google+ page. There is nothing better than hearing from you. Some great people that reach out to us already but we would like to expand the conversation. So please hit us up. Thanks for supporting the show thus far and hope you will continue to help us out.

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