Windows Store Is Now The Microsoft Store

Microsoft seems to be rebranding itself piece by piece. The release preview of Windows 10 testers noticed a small update to the Windows Store. The icon and branding has changed. The Windows Store is now the Microsoft Store. It is not official but it seems that users will see it roll out in the next few months.

Microsoft has been attempting to rebrand many of its services to fall more in line with Apple and Google. However, aside from the name change, that is about it. Testers will notice that the taskbar icon is now a shopping bag with the Microsoft logo on it.

Is it possible that the rebranding of the Microsoft Store offer more than apps? It would be believable if Microsoft brings in their brick-and-mortar and online retail stores, it would be conceivable. Unifying their branding would be one-step closer to the Microsoft complete eco-system. Since its inception, Microsoft has been all over the place with nothing making any sense.

It is possible that Microsoft could be changing their Microsoft Store more than just apps, games, and video content. They might offer official Microsoft products that you can order directly from your desktop. That would be so easy and smart to do. With all that in mind, it is possible that Microsoft will just change the name, then leave it alone.



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