Wonder Woman Trailer #3

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On Friday, the internet was teased with a new trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie and the internet waited with anticipation. Many figured that it would launch early in the morning on Saturday, but it did not turn up until late in the afternoon on Saturday. For many people, it was worth the wait. At least for us at The Lazy Geeks, it was worth the wait.

The new teaser focuses on Diana’s story, which seems to be following the aspect that she will be the daughter of Zeus. Which does occur in the comics, at least, in one of the variations of her origin stories. The trailer sets up her struggle to be better than she would normally be expected but not know the truth about her own origin.

While some on the internet is already claiming that the film will fall in line with the previous DC Cinematic Universe films, in regards to being dull and lackluster, it is not slated for release until June so everyone needs to calm down. Most important to keep in mind, anyone that claims to have seen a bit of the movie is like judging a car based on looking inside the trunk.