Xbox Destiny Users Finally Get PlayStation Exclusives

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Every gamer knows the annoyance of exclusivity deals. Primarily when they have exclusive content with PlayStation. However, if you have been playing Destiny on the Xbox, you know that you have not seen any downloadable content for a while now. Although, that is finally changing this week. Especially if you stopped playing the original Destiny a long time ago.

What’s Available?

As of this past week, if you own the expansion on Xbox One or Xbox 360, you will finally have access to the originally exclusive content for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4:

  • Jade Rabbit, an exotic scout rifle
  • Zen Meteor, an exotic sniper rifle
  • Sector 618, a Crucible map set on Earth
  • Echo Chamber, a strike on Venus
  • Sublime Engram armor sets for each of the three classes
  • Fight Fire with Fire” quest from Petra Venj

With Rise of Iron, Destiny developer Bungie also added a number of new items that were available only in a Treasure of Ages package. (That’s a mystery box that debuted in March 2017’s Age of Triumph update for Destiny.) Until this point, players on both PS4 and Xbox One could only hope to get those items as a random drop from a Treasure of Ages box. Now they can buy whatever they want directly from the Eververse Trading Company with the in-game currency Silver Dust. Here’s the full list:

  • Chronoshot ornament for Vex Mythoclast
  • Devourer of Moons ornament for Necrochasm
  • Settled Score ornament for Touch of Malice
  • Undiscovered Country ornament for No Land Beyond
  • Basilisk’s Glory ornament for the Suros Regime
  • Tigershark ornament for Dragon’s Breath
  • Perfected Predator ornament for Lord of Wolves
  • Brushfire shader
  • Barrage shader
  • The Blast of War shader

Two-Year Wait

Activision and Sony have usually had a one year exclusivity window. The original Destiny was released on September of 2014. The first year’s DLC was not released to Xbox gamers until September 2015, along with the third expansion, Destiny: The Taken King.

After that, the tone was expected to be released a year after PS users received it. Unfortunately, after that all further expansions were quietly pushed back an additional year. Exclusivity deals are for companies, not gamers. People that purchase these games should receive DLC content in a timely manner, not because they will to sweeten the deal to console manufactures. If you are playing Destiny 2, exclusives will not be available for Windows PC or Xbox One users until “at least Fall 2018.”