Xbox One X Pre-Order Is Live

For those of you that missed out on the pre-orders for the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition, we feel for you. However, Microsoft has announced that pre-orders for the Xbox One X is now open. The Scorpio Edition pre-orders went live in late August but the supply did not last long. That is not to say that this pre-order will be live forever.

Microsoft has long boasted that the Xbox One X will be “the world’s most powerful console.” The console’s GPU boasts 40 Radeon compute units running at 1172 MHz. On the CPU side, there are eight custom x86 cores at 2.3 GHz, 31 percent faster than the original Xbox One. The Xbox One X includes 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM — 8 GB of which is available to developers, and 4 GB of which is reserved for the system — with a total memory bandwidth of 326 GB/s. It costs $499.

There is no information provided by Microsoft about stock levels at retailers. Not to mention, retailers are offering trade-in deals , like GameStop, on your old Xbox One consoles. They will allow you to trade it in, but continuing using it until the new console is released.

Major question asked is if they should upgrade their console to the Xbox One X and it is a tricky answer. The majority of the reason for upgrading would be the use of 4K, HDR and 4K Ultra HD visuals. Now, if you do a lot of gaming, then this would be an option for you. Also, you need to have a 4K television to truly appreciate the graphics and the framerate.

Microsoft is making the gaming experience for the Xbox One X visually appealing. With a growing list of “enchanced” games that will support 4K gameplay. Again, if you have a 4K television to enjoy the console on, then you should upgrade. However, if you do not have a 4K television, then it will not be quite as enjoyable. Basically, it’s like using component cables on a Blu-ray play.


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