10 Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass In February

As usual, there are ten games leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of February. Much like licensing rights you will see on Hulu or Netflix, Microsoft has to go through the same thing for their service. On a side note, you can always see some sites that aren’t fans throw shade at the company. “Xbox Game Pass offers a “curated selection” of about 200 titles to subscribers, with the catch being they can disappear from the library at any time.”

Anyways… if you’re playing one of these games and it is scheduled to bail, you can purchase it. I know, but you get a 20 percent discount before the cutoff date. In this case, the cutoff is February 28th. Once the game is removed, it goes back up to full price.

Here’s the full list of outgoing games, with their prices for Game Pass subscribers until Feb. 28.

  • Aven Colony (2017): A city-building strategy game by Team17. $23.99.
  • Dovetail Games Euro Fishing (2014): A pro fishing sim offering “the adrenaline-packed action, fun and beauty of Europe’s most famous lakes.” $14.79.
  • The Final Station (2016): Side-scrolling shooter from tinyBuild that, incidentally, launches on Nintendo Switch Feb. 24. $11.99.
  • Kyub (2016): A puzzle game that launched under the ID@Xbox program for indies. $7.99.
  • Lumo (2016): An isometric puzzle platformer. $15.99.
  • Massive Chalice (2015): Double Fine’s turn-based strategy game which debuted on Xbox Live Games With Gold. $15.99.
  • Mega Coin Squad (2014): A “brawling platformer party game” by Adult Swim. $11.99.
  • Resident Evil: Revelations 2: The first of the game’s four episodes is included with the Game Pass subscription until the end of the month. The season pass for all episodes is $17.99 for subscribers and the deluxe edition is $23.99.
  • Shadow Warrior (2014): Reboot of the 1997 game made by the dear departed 3D Realms. $23.99.
  • Sonic CD (2011): Xbox 360 remaster of the 1993 flagship for the dear departed Sega CD. $4.99.


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