2000 Mules

In the shadow of President Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 election, Dinesh D’Souza released his “documentary” 2000 Mules. This hack of a documentarian usually releases a “film” around every election cycle to keep himself relevant – and paid. After two years, 2000 Mules were pulled from all platforms. Why? For the same thing Rudy Giuliani did: falsely accuse a person of illegal voting activity.

I saw this mockery of a documentary shortly after its release. I didn’t pay for it, because I would never give that clown any money. The movie used half-baked ideas and easily debunkable theories to accuse the government of stealing the election from Donald Trump, who was recently found guilty of financial fraud in New York.

In its statement, Salem Media Group said, “In publishing the film and the book, we relied on representations made to us by Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote, Inc. that the individuals depicted in the videos provided to us by TTV, including Mr. Andrews, illegally deposited ballots. We have learned that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has cleared Mr. Andrews of illegal voting activity in connection with the event depicted in 2000 Mules.”

Salem added, “It was never our intent that the publication of the 2000 Mules film and book would harm Mr. Andrews. We apologize for the hurt the inclusion of Mr. Andrews’ image in the movie, book, and promotional materials have caused Mr. Andrews and his family. We have removed the film from Salem’s platforms, and there will be no future distribution of the film or the book by Salem.”

2000 Mules was not a very good fiction.

Andrews’ lawyer states that a defamation suit against D’Souza and True the Vote will continue on.

Having sit through this trainwreck, it mostly throws out a bunch of claims of voter fraud – using video images of people dropping off ballots – without any evidence that they were committing voter fraud. Using the concept of geotracking, which isn’t an exact science, leads to faulty conclusion. Not to mention, much of that sort of evidence isn’t admissible in court.

In the video footage, it was explained that anyone dropping off more than one ballot was fraudulent. Which in many states isn’t illegal. Many are able to drop off ballots for family members. In Andrews’ case, he was dropping off ballots for himself, his wife, and two adult sons.

For the longest time, many people in conservative groups did this without repercussions. Mostly due to regular people unable to mount a defense against such claims. However, in recent years, many nonprofits are suing these guys for the lies they’re spreading. People like D’Souza, Jones, Giuliani, and Trump are stunned that they are being held accountable. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence.

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