5 Recommended New Year’s Eve Viewing

Now that Christmas is over, it is time to look over to the infamous New Year’s Eve or day viewing. Like most people, it is simply easier to remain at home with friends or by yourself. Dealing with groups, drunks, and overly enthusiastic people that are ready for the new year to begin is not for me. So, I have five movies that are bound to attract those genre specific fans.


When Harry Met Sally

It is probably the most requested genre for the holiday. The romantic-comedy genre is popular to set the mood before the countdown begins. Instead of watching the horrible New Year’s Eve, you can watch something that has better writing, acting, direction, and overall ambience.  When Harry Met Sally brings together Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in a witty, moving, and palette cleansing hope for the new year. It is definitely something you will enjoy with that special love. At least, the love of this year.


After The Thin Man

If a comedy-mystery is more your speed, After The Thin Man is definitely great viewing for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, the sequel to the original Nick and Nora Charles mystery. The Thin Man is a great movie for the Christmas season, and this episode literally takes place moments after the original. You will even catch a very young Jimmy Stewart. The mystery is sound and leaves you with a group of interesting characters.


The Poseidon Adventure

The Poseidon Adventure is for those disaster, action fans looking for some New Year’s Eve horror. Taking place on New Year’s Eve, this is something that will give those pessimists of the new year something to look forward to. After a rogue wave capsizes the Poseidon, a small group of people try to escape to the bottom of the ship. Starring a top seventies cast led by Gene Hackman, not everyone survives, and their deaths are something to watch.


Trading Places

Some people are looking for something light and feel-good movie experiences. Trading Places is that movie. This eighties classic teams up Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy at their prime. It is a revenge comedy at the elite. After a bet transforms both their lives, both seek revenge against the elite that changed their lives over a bet. It begins just before Christmas and into New Years. Definitely a fun movie on the eve or even on the day.


The Godfather Part II

Of course, there is a mafia movie for you. Considered to be the best of the Godfather trilogy, the film goes from the present to the past, but end around the New Year. Al Pacino is in top form as Michael in full control of the family business and someone is out to assassinate him. He makes it his mission to find the traitor in his family, which leads to that infamous scene and line in pop culture history. The climatic scene ends on New Year’s Eve in Cuba and is a great backdrop for Michael and his control of the family.

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