5TB Google One Online Storage Quietly Gets Released

Cloud services are a pain in the ass. Let’s be honest. Prices are all over the place. Thinking about your best option. It’s a nightmare. Google doesn’t make it any easier. Owning half the mobile market, Google only offers 100 GB for $20/yr. If you’re single, that would be enough. Then it jumps to 200 GB for $30/yr, then to 2TB for $100/yr. Over the weekend, 9to5Google noticed a 5TB Google One option was added.

I’m sure there are a few that are still wondering why someone would need 5TB of storage. If you take a lot of pictures and sync them to Google Photos, that space gets eaten up rather quickly. The 5TB Google One option is better than the 10TB option.

Many companies are not so great with their options. Apple’s iCloud has a similar set-up. 50GB for 99 cents a month, while their 200GB option is $3 a month. While their 2TB option is $9.99 a month. That puts is close to $120 a year.

5TB Google One isn’t the only option.

If you’re one of the few that owns a Google Pixel, Google Photos is still free and unlimited. Which I don’t use anymore. If you sign up for Microsoft Office 365, which is $100/yr, gives you 1TB of online storage. Documents and spreadsheets don’t take up much room, but those pictures do.

However, Google likes to remind me that I’m not synced with Google Photos. While I’m in the middle of deciding to transfer from Android to Apple, I need to keep my options open. Using Microsoft, which works great in both ecosystems, allows me to float between devices.

Especially since Google doesn’t always like to play nicely with other OS. With the quiet offering of the 5TB Google One, there are still better options out there that works between different ecosystems and are better priced.