About Me

About Me

The Lazy Geeks was originally founded in 2010 by me (Steven Vargas) and Adam Riley. It began as a podcast that took a weekly look into geek culture. My former partner, Adam, and I would discuss news and explain why it was BS. We ended our podcast in 2022 and the site “closed” in early 2023. The reboot – if you will – is about me.

The new version of The Lazy Geeks will bear little resemblance to the original incarnation. The site will focus on myself, Steven Vargas, and all the various topics that I am into. The site will use “geek” as an umbrella term that will house my various geek interests. I am a geek of technology, casual gaming, film/television, history, politics, and some other areas as well.

As an aspiring writer, the blog will cover some news, reviews, and be home to all my various content. At some point, I will replace all the original Lazy Geeks content here. It feels right to do so.

Is this all about me?

The short answer is yes. This is all about me and my content. I will undoubtedly expand my brand to encompass more areas of my geek persona, but it is all a work in progress. Or, as Ted Lasso once said, “I’m a work in prog-mess.”

Currently, I have been podcasting for nearly fifteen years. You can listen to my old podcast, The Lazy Geeks, which began in 2010 with Adam. Over the last couple of years, I have been attempting to find a proper home for me. After some failed attempts, this felt like the perfect place to restart my life. At the place where it all began.

This will be the home for my new original podcasts: The Gen-Xer Pod and Great American Sh*t Show. Currently, I am releasing mostly unheard episodes of The Away Team. Those episodes cover the first two season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. A news version of The Lazy Geeks will be coming shortly.

Everything that I do here will be opinion. I do not call (or infer) that I am any sort of reporter (or worse, an expert). Unlike many blogs that you read, I will use sources and facts to define my positions (or thoughts).

Enjoy The Lazy Geeks rebooted and know that this is all about me.