About Us

Back in 2010, Adam had an idea. “We should do a podcast.” He said this to me from my recliner, while I was on the couch. Both of us were unemployed at the time and looking for something to do while on unemployment. Several months later, in October of 2010, we launched our first episode of the podcast and our blog to go along with it.  

Over the last eight years, we have developed and shelved as many additional podcasts as we started. We learned a lot of about production and content creation. Many mistakes were made but just as many lessons were learned during that time.  

In 2018 was a trying year for us. We were having difficulty finding direction in our podcast, wanting to change the format. Even more so, there was very little interaction between our listeners and us. This made it difficult to help us pinpoint the direction we, and our fans, wanted to go. This led to our decision to cancel the show in January of 2019. 

After a heartfelt plea from a fan, we decided that we should return. During our time off, it gave us a new direction to look. Find something that felt right for us and hopefully our fans will enjoy it. Too many times we decided a hard 180-degree turn was better than a 90-degree one. This caused us to look back at the early days of our show and see how we could incorporate the old ideas into our new ones. 

With our re-launch, we have decided to focus on one show. No more The Lazy Geeks Network. Just one podcast that comes out every Monday. Once the show became multiple topics and ideas, we knew we were in trouble of burning ourselves out. As we break into year nine, we have decided to get back to basics. Or, a hard reset, if you will. 

The Lazy Geeks will look at geek news and discuss geek culture. The “non-fanboy” approach is something we have perfected in the last few years. In the beginning, we would discuss news of the week. Now, we will discuss some news of the week without all the faux online hype/outrage. What does it mean? Why you shouldn’t even care? Basically, this is your grandfather’s podcast and blog.  

“Get off my desktop!” 

As we move into 2019, we will be working to engage more with our fans. We invite you to discuss the topics we discuss and tell us how you feel about it. We hope you join us for this ride and we give you a lot of bang for your free buck.