Adobe Scan Searches for Documents Without Using Picture Gallery

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Do you keep a lot of receipts, forms, pictures and business cards on your mobile device? Yeah, neither do I. But this news is still kind of cool. Adobe Scan has introduced a new feature that will help you locate documents on your device without scrolling through your photo gallery. The Verge is reporting that the app uses built-in optical character recognition, as well as Adobe Sensei technology.

The app is designed to turn those documents into searchable PDFs that you can share. It also works with Acrobat so you can add comments, signatures, and export them to Microsoft Office. You are able to search by name or date.

Using an iPhone or iPad, the Adobe Scan files can also be accessed through iOS 11’s Files app. An Android person, you can access the scans when you’re offline. Adobe claims that it has improved image cleaning, so scans of documents with folds will look cleaner.

Adobe’s Document Cloud subscriber, you can also edit and organize documents and digitally sign and send documents from any device. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android.