Adult Swim Gives Black Dynamite A Second Season


Dynamite! Dynamite! If you have been long-time followers of the site, you guys know that I am all about Black Dynamite. We have been recommending that film since we saw it back in 2009. Since then, it has grown a huge fan following and even become a cartoon series on Adult Swim.

After winning in nearly every major demographic, it seems that Adult Swim has seen the light and renewed the series for a second season, according to Deadline. This past July, the series made its debut on the network with all the original cast returning to voice their characters.

As far as when the new series will make its mark on television, we shouldn’t expect to see it until late 2013 or even early 2014. Remember, it is an animated show and they have to develop the stories and all that stuff.

I was a fan of the show and some of the topics they dealt with were hilarious, but I would’ve liked to seen a sequel to that original film. Nevertheless, I will take what I can get. However, having to wait a year for a new season is asking a lot but I guess I can wait.

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