Apple TV Music is What MTV Used to be

Today, Apple launches Apple Music TV, which is exactly what it sounds like. Apple Music on television. It’s a free, curated, 24-hour live stream of popular music videos (though it’s only available to US residents). You can watch it in the browse tabs of the Apple Music app and on the Apple TV app.

Apple Music TV is interesting because it seems like a direct shot at YouTube’s dominance of the music video space. The new channel will host video premieres at noon ET every Friday. It starts with Joji’s “777” and Saint Jhn’s “Gorgeous” on the 23rd.

And, it’ll be a home for the other original content Apple Music has created over the years. For example, like concert films and interviews. On the 22nd, the channel will play host to Bruce Springsteen. In advance of his upcoming album Letter to You. It’ll be dedicated music video blocks, a live stream, and an exclusive interview with Zane Lowe.

MTV just with actual music videos

And it feels like Apple is throwing its weight around. Today, for instance, the service is running through a countdown of the top 100 most streamed songs on Apple Music. As a kickoff event. Yeah, a bit of dick waving. Apple Music TV will be a rival to Vemo, which has various music offerings. Even with all the incarnations of MTV, you will be hard pressed to see an actual music video.

As a music service, Apple Music is a solid service for the money. Not to mention, you can sync up your own music from iTunes to play on your device. A have playlists that people would be surprised with. Trying to make them on Spotify is difficult due to rights. Nevertheless, it’s a bit late for Generation X, who remember MTV or Friday Night Videos on NBC.

This could help the next generation and give them insight into what their parents used to do on a Friday night with their friends.