Arrowverse Elseworlds Teaser Trailer

In less than a month, CW will drop its fourth major crossover event on an unsuspecting audience. A couple of thing we know for sure is that Barry and Oliver trade places. Superman and Lois Lane are in this special. And, the Legends are sitting this one out. Now, we have something that will confuse you about the Elseworlds crossover event is the trailer for the special.

After the Arrow episode on Monday, the CW dropped the first teaser trailer. This will likely be one of many trailers to get fans excited for the event. Now, something is weird. Right? Stephen Amell wakes up with Iris West. This harkens back to an old joke when Iris was upset that Barry never told her that Oliver was a friend. Also, she mentions how hot he was.

Early on, during Amell’s tweets from production, we knew that this wasn’t our Arrowverse. So, that poses a bigger questions as to how Oliver got there. Not only that, but how is he in Barry’s position. The bigger question is everyone around him will be that universe’s heroes, or will they come with him.

Whatever the case may be, it will fun to see what happens. The “fish out of water” story is always funny and a great departure from fans. Have to admit, Grant Gustin looks really clean in his archer suit, as does John Wesley Shipp in his classic 90’s Flash costume.

Also, finally getting to see Superman being a bigger part of the universe, as well as Lois Lane. It seems that DC has loosened up the use of the Man of Steel since their cinematic universe seems to have fallen apart. That is great news for viewers, hopefully we will see more of him on Supergirl. Let December be here already.

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