Avengers Infinity War Teaser for Teaser Trailer

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America has usually been a pop culture country. However, in recent years, trailer releases are becoming more and more of an event. No one has capitalized on that than Disney. With the launches for any Marvel and Star Wars, we get teaser trailers for the actual trailer. One of the biggest movies in 2018 is Avengers Infinity War. Rumors abound that the film will change the foundation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Characters will die, according to some reports. Some actor’s contracts are up and some will likely depart.

The film has completed filming and Avengers 4 is still in production. As we are approaching December, we still have not seen the teaser trailer for the film, which is due out in May. However, Marvel has confirmed that the official teaser trailer for the film will be released tomorrow, Wednesday. So, Marvel has released the teaser trailer for the teaser trailer.

As you can see above, it does not reveal any footage from the upcoming movie. They decided to focus on fan reaction to trailer releases in the past. Obviously, this is going to be huge. This film will undoubtedly overshadow anything that was released for Justice League.

So be sure to tune in tomorrow, because we will have the teaser trailer for Avengers Infinity War. You can be sure we will be talking about it on Friday’s Just Another Podcast. So, don’t change that channel.