Avengers Infinity War Trailer

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Obviously, if you have been living under a rock, you may not have realized that the trailer for Avengers Infinity War was released today. It seems a bit fitting that the ten-year anniversary of Iron Man is next year, and Infinity War begins the culmination of Marvel’s grand idea. It is known that their idea of an Avengers movie was not a solid plan.

The infamous post-credit scene, which began tags in many comic movies, was a joke at the end of Iron Man. Marvel didn’t plan to have their movies culminate in a major team-up. However, with as successful as Iron Man and the films that came after were, Marvel officially announced The Avengers for release four years later.

“Get this man his shield!”

Avengers Infinity War has been a project that was teased at the end of the original Avengers film. Since then, we had been teased about Thanos’ appearance and involvement in the Marvel Universe. Finally, with Infinity War, we will get that showdown between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Thanos himself. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige notes that these two films will change the landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That was expected. Many of the original actor’s contracts are expiring and age is catching up with them. Pioneer Robert Downey Jr. was going to retire from the films after Iron Man 3. Marvel convinced him to stay onboard to usher in new characters and the Infinity War. From what we can see in the trailer, this is the payoff to fans that have stuck with Marvel for the last ten years. Audiences received a glimpse in Captain America: Civil War, but now it goes to a whole new level.