Avengers: Vol 1 Coffee Table Book Coming

The Avengers’ earliest adventures, which were first printed on the page in 1963, are revisited in a new Marvel anthology that releases next month. Titled “Avengers Vol 1: 1963-1965,” the gigantic collection showcases Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s original comics, masterfully reprinted in an oversized format and packed with extra photographs, documents and art. The book, which is part of a long-term collaboration between Marvel and Taschen, is currently available to pre-order for $200.

Thor, Iron-Man, Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp first banded together more than 60 years ago in Marvel Comics’ “Avengers #1,” the first of a seminal series that would of course grow to become one of the most prominent story arcs in pop culture. By Avengers #4, the core four was joined by Captain America to make up the five-hero team at the center of today’s most popular Marvel series.

Avengers: Vol 1

“The page quality, colors, and size change are masterfully done, as, unlike some other oversized collections, ‘Avengers Vol. 1’ never looks overstretched, faded, or overblown,” Liam McGuire ScreenRant said in a review. “It’s incredible to see the nearly 60-year-old stories with such clarity without taking away anything from the original printings.”

Avengers Vol. 1 is for that hardcore Marvel Comics fan.

Many people forget that what they called “second-tier” characters made up the original Avengers. The only difference was there was no Black Widow or Hawkeye. That is what made me laugh when they teased the movie back in 2008. If you don’t have Spider-Man or Fantastic Four, you have nothing. Well, Marvel proved them wrong by quite a bit.

Avengers: Vol 1

This is a perfect gift for any Marvel Comic fan. I say comic because they are different from the MCU fans. None of them know comics. If your person of interest likes comics, especially Marvel Comics. This is a gift for them. At $200, they better be damn special.

Also available for pre-order in Taschen’s Marvel Comics Library are a special “out of 1,000” edition ($600), “Spider-Man Vol. 1” ($200) and “The Marvel Age of Comics” ($25). And check out pop-culture coffee table books here. 

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