The Away Team #49: Peak Performance

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As we wind down 2017, we are dropping out final The Away Team episode on this Christmas Eve’s Eve. “Peak Performance” is one of those episodes that reminds you that having an “A”-“B” storyline works. The Enterprise is lured into war games for Starfleet, which pits Riker and Picard against each other. Picard commands the Enterprise, while Riker gets an 80-year-old starship to combat the premiere ship of the Federation.

However, Data is suffered a blow to his ego after he loses a game against the war games observer. He has a crisis of faith and tries to understand how this could happen. This is one of those aspects when the writers seem to play fast and loose with Data’s artifical intelligence and their desire to make him human. While the trailer indicates that their war games are interrupted by the Ferengi, this does not happen until late in the fourth act.

When we return in January, we will conclude the second season with episode 50. After that, we will become a weekly series and will get through many of the episodes and season a lot faster. Not only that, when Star Trek: Discovery returns in January, we will take a break from the Next Gen to recap those six episodes of the first season. Once completed, we will return with the third season.

We hope you will join us in 2018 and enjoy the next two weeks of rewind episodes that we have in store for you.

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