Best Buy Offering Buy 2, Get 1 Game Free


If you managed to miss the “Buy 2 games, get a 3rd one free” at Target last month, you can feel better and shoot over to Best Buy to cash in on that deal. However, unlike the Target deal, no titles are excluded from the deal, which means you can grab Star Wars: Battlefront and Fallout 4 as part of the deal.

Even better, GameSpot is reporting, that all titles from the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are included, even the latest titles. The sale runs from December 6th through the 12th and you can even mix-and-match between consoles.

The sale does have some exceptions. While it works on any currently released physical games it does exclude pre-owned, preorders and digital games and maybe some special editions. So if you have that special someone that wants some games this holiday season, this is the time to check them out.

Better yet, want to pick up some friends some gifts and get a little something for yourself, that is even better. This works out well for people like myself, which actually has both consoles and now the decision becomes which games, for which consoles, would I be picking up.

Remember, the offer is only good until Saturday, December 12th and subject to inventory availability. So do not wait too long. Grab it now.

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