Best Buy Won’t Have PS5 and Xbox Series in Stores

The next generation consoles are almost here. However, buying the consoles in person is something some folks might have concerns about. To account for this, Best Buy won’t have PS5 and Xbox Series X in its stores this holiday season. Instead the next-gen consoles will only be available online.

According to the company’s announcement on Thursday, both consoles will be available on to pre-order and purchase. However, neither console will be sold at physical stores. This announcement comes the same day that Sony announced that it doesn’t plan to put any PlayStation 5 consoles in physical stores. At least, at launch.

Here’s how things will be

Anyone that buys a console online will still have the option to pick it up however they want. Best Buy is offering in-store pickup, and contact-less curbside pickup as well. For anyone that wants to pick up their pre-ordered consoles in the store on launch day, Best Buy will have stores opening early at 9 a.m. local time. Best Buy will also have customers schedule pickup times. To avoid creating crowds that are too big at any one location.

On top of that, the stores will also feature some of the now-familiar COVID safety measures. These will include required face coverings. Social distancing. As well as a laundry list of safety precautions for employees. Which include daily wellness checks, personal protective equipment, and regular cleaning.

Sony and Microsoft are playing it safe this season. The announcement itself says that the consoles will be available online-only “throughout the holiday season.” It would be safe to assume that there will not be consoles in stores until 2021.

Some online sites are confused that people won’t be able to go into a store and pick one up. With science officials suggesting we are heading into a dangerous time for Covid flare up, this makes sense. Both companies know that their items will cause people to take unnecessary risks. This will reduce crowds in the store for safety of consumers and employees. Anyone that believes otherwise is a moron.

Players that have pre-ordered the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 should be getting emails from Best Buy in the near future to schedule launch-day pickup on Nov. 10 and Nov. 12, respectively.