BioWare’s Anthem Confirms PS4 Crashing

BioWare’s Anthem is not quite at the levels of Fortnite. It is on its way there. So the panic of your PlayStation 4 being rendered enable to play the game, or bricked in some instances – not a cool idea. Keep in mind EA (Anthem’s parent company) still hasn’t gotten over the backlash for their botched release of Battlefront II, which encouraged micro transactions to truly play the game, much less win. EA seems to have identified the issue.

This is never a good sign.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that some people were having issues attempting to play Anthem on their PlayStation 4. The issue wasn’t on all PS4s, but the issue became so wide that they’re probably a lot of people holding off until a fix is secured. That isn’t good on a company’s bottom line. Especially, someone like EA.

BioWare’s online gaming boss Chad Robertson has officially tweeted that the team has successfully identified “several causes” why some consoles might be crashing, and will fix some of those issues in a patch next week.

If you noticed on the second tweet, Robertson said they weren’t able to recreate the “bricking” of the PlayStation 4. BioWare’s Anthem doesn’t seem to be a huge factor in the crashing. This makes complete sense in light of forum posts indicating that fixing a PS4 that’s supposedly been “bricked” by Bioware’s Anthem is as easy as starting your PS4 in safe mode and rebuilding its database.

For most people, it is probably a good idea to just hang back and wait for that update to be released. While some of you may have not run into that issue, why tempt fate? With the game being a month old, you can be sure it won’t take long for them to throw out a fix. They aren’t Apple, they want people to buy the game, especially PS4 players.


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