Black Widow: First Look Is Another Trailer

When you think of a “First Look”, you generally think about a piece that contains interviews from the actors, writing team, and director with a splash of already seen footage. However, when Marvel released their Black Widow: First Look, it was simply a second trailer for the film. Not that I’m complaining, but it comes the same day that its star, Scarlett Johansson received two Oscar nods.

It gives us a slightly better time frame as to when this story happens, as well as what she is up against. And, an introduction of the mystery villain.

Too many people have been clowning on Marvel Studios, after Sony released the trailer for Mobius. What cracks me up about they clowning is that Sony has only had three successful Marvel movies. Two were actually done by Marvel (in return for getting Spider-Man back) and one was an animated movie that featured parallel characters.

DC fans are quick to clown on Marvel about their slate of films and their lack of risk. Yet, the ones that played it the Marvel (i.e. Aquaman and Wonder Woman) way were hugely successful. The most recent one will spell doom for any future movies, especially if they think they need to be dark and gritty again, which is how we got Man of Steel.  Let’s be honest, the only way Joker was successful was because it was dark (which only fits in the Batman universe) and someone like Joaquin Phoenix playing the title character. Other than that, the film was way overrated.

If Warner Bros. had let DC Entertainment make movies they wanted to make (like Disney did with Marvel), the DC Cinematic Universe would be a huge success. Oh, and not let Zack Snyder try to usher in the whole DC Universe with that shit-show of BvS and Justice League.