Blue Screen of Death Goes Emo

Working on Windows enough, you see the infamous “Blue Screen of Death”. God knows I’ve seen it a bunch of times when working on Windows 98 and XP. Have to admit, you don’t see it a lot on the newer versions. When you do, something went horribly wrong. I only saw it on my desktop when I used Webroot Security software with Windows 10. Once I stopped using Webroot, everything was fine.

It seems that the “Blue Screen of Death” is getting a redesign with the upcoming Windows 11 OS. It will be known as the “Black Screen of Death”. Why? Because fuck ‘em, that’s why! Seriously, there is no word from Microsoft, according to The Verge, as to the change. However, Windows 11 will be using a more black aesthetic login and shutdown screens.

Goodbye, Blue Screen of Death.

The Blue Screen of Death has been around since forever. It remains static for a while. It’s the first major update came in 2012, when they added the frown face. The QR codes came in 2016. Microsoft first introduced the Blue Screen of Death with Windows 3.0. It allowed IT professionals and support personnel to diagnose hardware and memory faults. The BSoD is Windows’ own kernel error or bug check. Usually, it includes a data dump that helps system administrators analyze what system fault caused the blue screen.

Blue Screen of Death

Most people saw that when the program they were using became unstable. However, if you were using a word software, it meant you usually lost everything you were working on. That is, unless, you saved it prior to the blue screen.

Microsoft users are known for freaking out whenever the company makes a change. However, since it’s only a color change, it should be taken with little fanfare. To me, no matter what color it is, I will be happy to never see that screen again.