Bryan Singer’s Red Sonya Put ‘On Back Burner’

If you have been following Hollywood like I have, you have definitely come across the name Bryan Singer. Back in the day, he was the king with films like Apt Pupil and starting the X-Men franchise. However, shortly afterwards, he became tangled in some very questionable allegations and lawsuits. He always managed to get out of them, but it seems in the post Me Too movement, Bryan Singer may have lost Red Sonja because of it. 

Recently, Singer had begun disappearing from productions part way through without explanation. It happened on X-Men: Apocalypse, which was horrible. After knowing of his past behavior, Singer was still hired to direct Bohemian Rhapsody. This time, with conflict among the talent and disappearing, Singer was released halfway through production. 

However, from back in the day, there were rumors and allegations of his appetite for young boys. Many tried to sue him but nearly all those lawsuits failed to materialize. Of course, there has been a dark rumor about a group of filmmakers that run in the same circles and conduct themselves in that manner. Recently, The Atlantic brought many of those claims up again, but it seemed that he was about to get away with it. As usual. 

Millennium Films, in fact, stuck behind Singer after the allegations made news. Millennium Films CEO Avi Lerner went as far as to call it “fake news”. This brought criticism from many corners of the internet, which included past allegations that were placed against him. Let’s be honest, I have been hearing these rumors for a long time. Eventually, the bad press was too much. 

Millennium Films’ Red Sonja film with Bryan Singer is being put on the back burner. After the movie was on the slate last year at the American Film Market, the prolific U.S. mini-studio has told Deadline, “the project is not on the slate at the moment and is not for sale at the EFM in Berlin.” 

Lerner himself walked back his statements from a couple from weeks ago. He even commented that his own comments “came out the wrong way.” “I think victims should be heard and this allegation should be taken very, very seriously,” he said last week. “I just don’t agree to judge by Twitter. I want [the accused] to be judged by the court.”  

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