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Watch 12 Minutes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Documentary

Check out the first 12-minutes of The Director and the Jedi….

Star Wars Fan Film to Improve New Hope Fight

Some fans look to use visual effects to improve the duel between Obi-Wan and Vader from A New Hope….

Star Wars Christmas Light Show With Dubstep Imperial March

Normally during the Christmas season, you get to see your neighbors throw up some Christmas lights just to show that they aren’t completely cold hearted. Of course, there are those that throw up a full on light show that even Van Halen would envy. You see those streets normally called Candy Cane Lane. These are…

Yule Logs That Will Help Your Christmas Atmos

With tonight being Christmas Eve, and tomorrow being Christmas Day, you may be wanting to set the mood for you, you and your loved ones, or you and you significant other. Pandora’s Christmas Radio station, Spotify playlist, or even you own music collection may not be enough. You may need that Yule Log on the…

Chirrut vs Everything Is The Rogue One We Wanted

Chirrut vs Everything is essentially what Rogue One would have been had Donnie Yen has been used to his full potential. …

Video: CW’s Superhero Fight Club 2.0

Time to check out Superhero Fight Club 2.0….